Three basic green cleaners will help you tackle your two biggest jobs – your kitchen and bathrooms.


All Purpose Spray:


All you need here is a spray bottle (you can pick up plastic ones at the dollar store) and these four ingredients:


1 gallon hot water


½ cup white vinegar


½ cup liquid castile soap


1 Tbsp borax


Combine all ingredients, pour into the spray bottle, and you’re done!




Glass and Mirror Cleaner:


This two-ingredient mix is easy to make and works great.


½ cup white vinegar


½ cup water


Pour into a spray bottle. That’s it.




Stainless Steel Cleaner:


Does anything need more frequent wiping than a stainless steel appliance? Luckily, this recipe only has two ingredients.


1 Tbsp olive oil


1 Tbsp white vinegar


Just drip olive oil onto a rag, rub the surface to get rid of smudges and then drip white vinegar on the other side of the rag. Wipe, let dry and you’re done.




Before You Green Clean

If you've been using a traditional cleaning product in the past, you might not know that they tend to leave behind a waxy residue. Before you start going green, make a quick 5 percent rubbing alcohol-to-water solution to remove it, and then use your new green cleaner