Hiding in plain sight is a favorite strategy among fictional good guys and bad guys alike. Think Jason Bourne or a typical James Bond bad guy type. They are fun to watch, but why are you reading this in a real estate newsletter? Because bringing that concept into your home is a good way to tackle the never-ending storage issue.

The most radical approach to hiding-in-plain-sight storage is the new wave of "tiny houses." Micro-living has taken the world by storm. What was once a fixture in the backyard for summer plays and gardening equipment, now has air conditioning and postal delivery service. The tiny house movement is huge, and what is even bigger is the innovation to the universal issue of storage.

We have squeezed in five of our favorite storage solutions inspired by the scaling-back-on-square-footage movement.

#1: Bench Storage

Bench storage is a great way to hide things in plain sight. Although the stored items are not in plain sight at all times, the bench is, so that counts. Using benches as storage receptacles is probably the most common feature in small homes. They are multifunctional, and some are mobile.  The storage bench works hard for its spot, used for seating, accent pieces, feet resting zones, and even shoe removal. But open the lid and you have a considerable storage area.

#2: Wall Space

Wall space isn't just for paintings anymore. Take advantage of undecorated wall space to add a storage feature. Nail up shelves in kitchens or bedrooms for book storage. Kitchen shelves can also be used to hang cookware or baskets of utensils. Televisions can be mounted onto walls now, freeing up space on the floor. Peg boards are a functional way to make use of wall space in a garage or storage closet.

#3: Go Up!

Use a loft space (or bunk bed) to create an area on the floor for a desk or entertainment area. That empty air above the ground can be used for something besides ceiling fans and light fixtures.

#4: Under the Bed

Tell the monster under your bed to scoot over, it's time to make some good use of the area under your bed. Scout out some sturdy containers to store shoes, or summer bedding, even holiday items in the space below the box springs.

#5: Stairs

Step up into storage. Convert stairs into storage areas by opening up the riser. Use baskets, or build drawers for items you don't want the public to view. Or, for often-used necessities leave the space open for easy access.

We hope this has inspired you to reach new heights in your storage solutions. Hiding in plain sight might not have worked as a kid on the playground, but hopefully it works for you now. Let us know how you used this post to tackle your storage issues.