Landscaping can take your home's look to the next level, whether for better or for worse. Make sure that you aren't wasting time, money and maintenance in perpetuating a bad landscape. Make sure you avoid these six visual disasters to ensure that your home has exceptional curb appeal.
Overdoing It
Landscaping should not overwhelm and overshadow your home. Make sure to choose a variety of shrubs and trees that grow to a particular size that fits your home best. This also means you won't have to spend your time pruning and trimming the plants in your yard – or fighting your way out the front door or to your backyard.
Using One Type of Plant

Don't plant too much of the same type of plant. This makes your house look less than ideal, and it also takes away from the beauty of your home because of monotonous landscaping. If you plant one type of tree in your front yard, what will the landscape offer in the winter when the trees stop flowering?
Landscaping Lawn
A big lawn should not suck up all your resources. A grand area of lush grass is a time, nutrient and water glutton. You can reduce the size of your large lawn by implementing landscape beds that feature low-maintenance plants like perennials, shrubs and trees. This will distract from a large plot of grass that has no accent flowers or plants. Your home needs some type of greenery other than grass to frame and accent it to give it a unique and colorful touch.
Overgrown Ivy
Ivy creates a beautiful addition of greenery to your home, but don't let ivy climb your house unless you are prepared to do annual pruning. Ivy vines may look nice, but once they are established, they can cover gutters, windows and more. They can also serve as bridges and access ramps for pests and termites. Never let vines climb a frame house.
Large Trees

Be careful not to plant trees too close to your home; this avoids damage that may be done as the tree grows. You also want to avoid plant species that may overrun your yard or your home's proportions.
Landscaping can add curb appeal and make your home stand apart from others on your street if it's done right. Make sure to avoid these landscaping don'ts to keep your home looking as vivacious as ever and to avoid complications from overgrown plants and trees in your yard.