We all want a little luxury in our lives, and staying up-to-date on current design trends is just one great way that we can incorporate a bit of luxury style into our everyday décor. Whether you're just looking for a few new pieces to spice up your living room or you're ready to revamp your entire master bath, taking a few design cues from luxury real estate can be a great way to stay current and fresh.

Rather than have you sift through countless magazines to stay abreast of these trends, here's a list of some of the biggest trends to watch for in 2016.

Bringing Nature Inside: Elements from nature elevate your décor. Invite green plants into the house in all shapes and sizes. Lush ferns and delicate succulent gardens help to calm you by grounding you with nature. Look to natural fibers for accent pieces, such as sisal and wool and organic shapes, found in uncut tree trunks or rough-cut stone.

Brass Accents: The warm metal is poised for its shining moment. Aged brass accents will continue their meteoric rise. Add burnished bronze and brass pieces for a bold statement.

Mix and Match Metals: Don't be afraid to clash. Brass paired with silver and copper have been spotted in the upcoming trends. Metallic shades will channel their retro roots and reboot for a modern touch.

Stealth Electronics: Nothing feels more luxurious today than total integration of your home placed into the palm of your hand. Control your lighting, entertainment system, and environmental controls, even your garage door, with just your phone. Integrate your security as well. Several options are available that allow you to access strategically placed cameras in any room in the house.

Electronic Entry: Never get locked out again. Electronic integration continues to customize the residential market. Smart locks feature unique identification codes in a sleek touchpad. Available in many fine finishes, smart locks also boast high-end craftsmanship.

The Rustic Farmhouse: Farmhouse kitchens blend rural charm with modern design. Traditional kitchens have evolved to transitional style, merging rustic design with contemporary utility. Pair a farm-style tub sink with stainless appliances in an open floor plan to achieve this balanced style.

Smart Gardening: Reflect the beauty of your local landscape by Xeriscaping. This method utilizes local vegetation intelligently to create a stunning sustainable landscape. Incorporate native grasses and flowers along with natural pieces to cultivate a striking garden.

Library Retreats: Distinguish your home with your own literary sanctuary. The home office has advanced to a tranquil library to accommodate your interests. Unplug from modern life and sink into a relaxed pace, surrounded by priceless pieces of literature and culture.

Luxury in 2016 will incorporate sophisticated technology with natural and timeworn accents. Striking the balance between sleek modern and the rustic yesteryear, with added lush finishings and natural elements will elevate your style for the coming year.